Java - JaVi Application v0.8

During the Java course 2002 a standalone version of JaVi v0.8 was builded. It doesn't require a browser but it works like a normal window of the operating system.
Instead it requires a Java environment like:
JDK 1.3 or JRE 1.3.
If you don't have the environment go to the applet page (it works on any browser) or
download JDK 1.3 or JRE 1.3 from the Java official site.

Download my students version:

JaVi Application v0.8 (by Sara Cristilli)
NEW! You can also read and write to file!

JaVi Application v0.8 (by Danila Komar)

JaVi Application v0.8 (by Roberta Tiozzo)

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