JSiteMap Tutorial

Using JSiteMap applet is simple. Do the following steps to generate your first map.

1. Copy the HTML source code of this HTML-only map and paste it into the applet (in this tutorial you can skip to step 2; if you want to know how to automatically generate the HTML map, please read the online manual). There's no need to search for the map starting point within the whole code, JSiteMap will do it for you.
2. Press 'Dynamic'. The applet will elaborate the map and you will find the javascript code in the second textarea.
3. If you haven't already done, download JSiteMap and extract the files from the zip archive.
4. Select all the js code (right-click -> select all could work, depending on your JVM version), copy it and paste it into the file jsitemap/sitemap/generatedCode.js .
5. Open in your browser jsitemap/sitemap/index.html and you will see the same javascript-tree map that you can see here.
JSiteMapApplet will appear below in a Java enabled browser.
Having problems viewing this applet? Click here or download the standalone version

5. Now, all you have to do is to place a static map for those who have disabled JavaScript in their browsers. To do so, just press "Static". This time you'll see in the textarea the HTML map extracted from the report.
6. Select all the HTML code, copy it and paste it into the file jsitemap/sitemap/menu.html .

Want to know more? Check the JSiteMap online manual.

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