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With JSiteMap you can easily generate a site map for your website.
Quick start : in this tutorial you will see JSiteMap applet in action and you'll see how easy to use it is.
To learn more: the JSiteMap online manual.

Download JSiteMap 0.9 for free: it's open source! (GNU GPL license)
(size: 87 KB)
Please take a look at this example tree map.     Sample tree map

Got basic usage problems or advanced questions?
Mail address for JSiteMap online support:   support AT site-map.tk

JSiteMap is an open project and is under development: if you want to participate, here are some things to do: improving the application version, adding a java tool that automatically generates the HTML-only map. If you are interested, or have any proposal, please contact me using this form or by mail:
development AT site-map.tk

List of sites which use JSiteMap. Teutoburgo site news

Take a look at Sysepub and OTP4U, two little crypto-applications.

Take also a look at my previous applet: JaVi (Java Vigenere)

My open source applets and applications have been developed in my spare time. For an overview of my professional works, I summarized in this page some of my best ones.

Note: as usual, 'AT' stands for '@'

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