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- 01/01/2009 Happy 2009!!
In the chess section, added the Chessgames chess problems, updated daily.

- 25/12/2008
Music section: it's been implemented the rating system for the songs.. now everyone can rate every song in the website with a vote from 1 to 10. Have a good rating!

- 26 Jun 2008
In the chess section, added the Gameknot chess problems, updated daily.

- 2 Jun 2008
The website has moved! Now it is based on server 000webhost.com. The domains www.teutoburgo.tk and www.site-map.tk are still valid, and point at the new server. Thanks to Geocities for having been the Teutoburgo's web host for 7 years!

- 1 Nov 2007
In the chess section, added the Shredder chess problems, updated daily.

- 24 Oct 2007
JSiteMap (Site Map Generator) 0.9.4 released. Updated the Xenu configuration files.

- 23 Sep 2007
Added the photos from the trip to Paris.

- 10 Jan 2007
Added 3 new songs in music section! Have a nice listening!

- 21 Sep 2006
The music section was born! Here you can listen to some of my songs, and in future there will be some more stuff.. Have a nice listening!

- 11 Aug 2006
Added the photos from my honeymoon in North Europe!

- 30 May 2006
In the chess section, added the photos from the 37th Chess Olympiad, Torino 2006

- 21 Dec 2004
In the chess section, added the page of correspondence games.

- 4 Nov 2004
JSiteMap (Site Map Generator) 0.9.3 released. Added a script as an application loader for Linux. Fixed a bug.

- 9 September 2004
The URLs blanc.cjb.net e teutoburgo.cjb.net have been disabled. To browse this site, please use one of the following: www.teutoburgo.tk or www.site-map.tk

- 18 May 2004
In the chess section, updated the Chess Study's Corner

- 30 Jan 2004
JSiteMap (Site Map Generator) 0.9.2 released. Fixed a bug in the configuration file used as FreeFind.com(TM) format descriptor.

- 29 Jan 2004
JSiteMap (Site Map Generator) 0.9.1 released! Now it reads HTML input map in two formats: the usual Xenu's Link Sleuth(TM) format, and the new FreeFind.com(TM) format. Also fixed a bug in the script used as application loader.

- 16 Jan 2004
Added a script in JaVi to load the application in a simpler way.

The .tk service has been down for 24 hours. Please remember that the alternative URLs teutoburgo.cjb.net and blanc.cjb.net are still working and may be used in case of .tk unavailability. But, take care of the popup windows opened by cjb.net! Sometimes they offer services of very dubious (in my opinion) quality.

- 12 Jan 2004
The new version of the internal message system is working, thanks to MCS for their great service!

- 8 Jan 2004
The internal message system is under maintenance, because problems were found in the previous version. A new account has been opened in order to manage messages and will be set up in the next days.
In the meantime, please use e-mail to contact me:
blanc_teutoburgo AT yahoo DOT it

- 6 May 2003
Teutoburgo has got its own domain names:

provided by Tokelau Islands. The old URLs (blanc.cjb.net and teutoburgo.cjb.net) are still working but in the future they could be disabled. Please update your bookmarks!

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